Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Impressions of SCBWI

I just returned from the four day children's writer's conference in LA, held annually by SCBWI. My first time going, and worth it, I think. It's hard to quickly sum up four days, but here are my impressions:

A good way to hear what editors are looking for (and a great way to submit to closed markets, for those without an agent)

I picked up some very useful tips regarding school visits.

It was interesting to be on the published authors track and see that male authors for children (and male editors) are a great rarity. Also, I found it somehow encouraging that among published authors, I was always one of the youngest in the room.

Interesting to hear the various opinions about whether the picture book is dying, having a hard time, about to pick up again, or actually thriving.

Met a lot of nice people, mostly writers, mostly unpublished, but all nice.

Met Verla Kay. I mention that in particular because she has an amazing message board located at

Overall, worth the trip. And worth the money, I think


Kasheri said...

Hey, you snuck back to NY, didn't you?! Oh, why do you tease us so with these tantalizing tastes of your presence?!

Theater of Ideas said...

No, I'm still in CA, the block, is all. I must have just missed you

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks for the thoughts about the SCBWI conference. I've thought about going to the one in LA - but never made the trek from Oregon. It sounds like you had a good time.