Thursday, January 22, 2009

Avenue Q -where's my prize?

I noticed a press release from Avenue Q recently regarding the search for a new lyric for the play "For Now" (the old lyric was "George Bush," which got a huge laugh--there's really no substitute, but in proof of the message of the song, he's now gone).

There are four finalists: "Recession," "Prop 8," "This show," and "Your mother-in-law."

I submitted "This show" That was me! That was my submission!

They are being tried out one by one in the show...

Only one thing. No one's contacted me.

No authors are listed for the four. Perhaps multiple people submitted each.

But if "This show" wins, do I get the credit?

In any event, they are going to sing it at some point. My first words to be performed on Broadway!

And I'm only slightly embarrassed that I took the time to submit to the contest. Less so if I win...not that I need the junk that comes with the win. Just the eternal fame.

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